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Numerology Reading: $120.00 for 90 minutes.

We travel through our lives on a sea of numbers and a Numerology Reading is like the comforting bright light shining from the “Lighthouse” helping us to see where we are on this amazing journey and guiding us home to ourselves safely.

How does a Numerology Reading work?

By knowing your full Birthday and your full name at birth, I will then use many calculations in helping me as a Numerology Reader to interpret the meaning of your personal numbers, then sharing this information with you in the hope that it offers you many insights to help support & understand yourself more. We will also look at your Yearly Cycle.

We will discuss where your gifts and talents are strongest and where you may have some challenges, leaving you with many helpful tools to swim this vast ocean of life.

I am not a fortune-teller! I have built a relationship with the numbers from my desire to study them and let them speak to me, that along with my gift of intuition, is where my ability to interpret their meaning and what they have to offer comes from. With that said, we are much more than any reading, always remembering that nothing is written in stone … we all have Free Will.

Yet a Numerology Reading can help us to understand more about ourselves so that we may “ride the waves of our lives” with more strength, confidence and grace Numerology is another piece of our amazingly complex personal puzzle.

If you have an interest in a numerology reading for your self or another, please email me  or call me at 541-261-4204.

Be Well & Enjoy the Moments!

Rev Jill Fox – 541.261.4204 or email 

Please be sure to leave a phone number on both your phone message and Email.

There is no higher good for us in life than to keep improving the health & well-being of each other.