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I began my journey with alternative medicine & therapies early in my teenage years. First learning the value of herbs both internally and topically, which opened the door to the value of nutritious eating and using homeopathy. I found these alternatives very helpful in my personal life and that of my friends and later my family. It has been a comfort for me to have different tools to offer people to be able to help themselves and be more invested in their health and well-being.

In 1996 I started my training in reflexology and was amazed to learn and experience the depth of what working with the specific reflexology techniques, mainly on the feet, also including the hands & ears, could accomplish for every individual in different areas of their health. Reflexology can access every part of our anatomy which in turn can stimulate the body’s own innate intelligence to reach the physician within.

I have been practicing reflexology since 1997.

My journey then took me to the study of Reiki which I added to my private practice and co-taught Reiki for over 12 years, offering monthly classes.

One of my passion in life is to help people to flow through their lives with self-help tools knowledge, and grace!

With age & wisdom, I have come to appreciate the blending of wholistic medicine with western medicine which can offer us incredible awareness into our health.

Why did I start teaching Reflexology?

In June of 2007, Governor Kulongoski signed a Senate Bill 399 exempting Reflexology from any regulation by the Massage Board. This enabled Reflexologists to practice their therapy independently of the Board, which inspired me as a Professional Reflexologist to start teaching Reflexology in Southern Oregon to help maintain the INTEGRITY of the PRACTICE.

Rev Jill Fox – 541.261.4204 or email jill@jillfoxhealing.com

There is no higher good for us in life than to keep improving the health & well-being of each other.